Light is the oldest form of therapy, in the 6th century B.C. Herodotus realised sunlight was required for normal bone growth. Classes of laser range from laser printers and bar code scanners to surgical and therapeutic lasers. Early therapeutic lasers were in the 0.5 Watts range, the Class IV laser has an output power greater than 15 Watts.

Therapeutic laser therapy has been found to be an inflammation reducer and pain healer which can be used for many forms of conditions. Laser therapy can not only be used to help heal but can also be used to help manage conditions which there is not necessarily an instant fix for. Laser therapy is a pain free treatment that can easily be performed by our fully trained team who will provide a stress free environment for your pet. For more information please inquire with your vet or any member of staff and they will be able to assist you with this.



Commonly treat cases with laser therapy
Musculo-skeletal conditions
Hip dysplacia
Elbow dysplacia
Disc disease
Tendon/Muscle sprains
Neurological disorders e.g. back pain
Soft tissue injuries
Cruciate injury & surgery

Key properties of laser therapy
Increases cell growth and repair
Relieves pain
Reduces inflammation
Improves circulation
Improves nerve function